KWS products with antimicrobial effect

Whether bed-frame, door handle or handrail – the KWS products with antimicrobial effect are based on the Siromic system which is certified as having an anti-microbial effect by the hygiene institute of the University of Munster.

What does that mean?

It has been known for many years that copper alloys with a particular composition have anti-microbial effects. This is the reason why KWS has been working on this subject for some time and for the first time is able to show here a range of products for hospitals and other places with a high infection risk. This is, above all, in cases where healthy people leave germs behind that susceptible sick people can then pick up through skin contact.

KWS uses a material that keeps its properties permanently, independent of the amount it is used. An effect that has to be reckoned with in heavily frequented places such as hospitals, nursery schools and old people’s homes.

After intensive studies KWS has concentrated on copper alloys which offer many advantages in processing and in high and scientifically proven effects. KWS trusts the Siromic seal which not only guarantees the quality of the material but is also concerned with inspection certificates and the cleaning of the products. In the end, it is a multi-barrier system to improve hygiene and the KWS products with Siromic seal should become an important component here in the future.

The exact meaning of the Siromic seal, which can be used by various product manufacturers, can be found in our brochure BEK_S. Siromic guarantees, moreover, that through the selection of the alloys and the special mechanical processing of the surfaces, all products have the same proven properties and, above all, keep them.

The KWS range with anti-microbial effect distinguishes itself through quality, easy assembly and a uniform design.

In addition to the range shown on the following pages, KWS also offers special productions on inquiry.

info.jpg News

info.jpg News

KWS Product range of
copper alloy anti-
microbial Effects
Brochure BEK_S
20 Pages, ~5,00 MB
Issue 03/2016

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